Are You Ready? New iPad South Africa Launch Date Confirmed [UPDATED]

Apple has confirmed that the new iPad will be available to purchase on our South African shores from the 27th of April 2012. In an image on the iPad page on the Apple South Africa Website, the launch date is confirmed at April 27th.

New iPad Launch Date

New iPad Launch Date

Since the new [3rd generation] iPad’s launch in the US on the 16th March 2012, stats show that the new iPad already take up about 11% of total iPad ownership. With roughly 3 million new iPad’s being sold already, I’m sure South African consumers will add to that figure!

Let’s talk prices

Although prices have not yet been confirmed, judging by the trend shown internationally and with the iPhone 4S South African prices too, I think it’s safe to say  that we can expect the prices to be similar to that of the iPad 2 when it was initially launched in South Africa. Cash prices may range from about R6 000 to R12 000, but don’t take my word for that. You should again be able to buy the iPad from all the major outlets as you can with the iPad 2, or get one on a contract of sorts with network providers like 8ta, Vodacom or MTN. Cell C customers will most likely have to buy the new iPad cash and put in their micro-sim, should they want to use it on the Cell C network… Don’t get too excited just yet, but I have heard rumours that Cell C exec staff are in talks with Apple to start offering apple products on their contracts.

FNB clients will also be pleased to know that they will be able to get the new iPad as they have been, with the iPad 2. Head of marketing at FNB Core Banking Solutions, Ilse Smuts, said FNB will supply the new iPad to clients at the lowest possible prices, while still offering the iPad 2.

With prices for the iPad 2 from FNB as shown below, I’m sure we could expect something similar to this for the new iPad and a slight drop in the prices for the iPad 2.

Device Monthly Price
(24 months)
Gold Cheque Account Platinum Cheque Account Private Clients Account
Apple iPad 2 16GB 3G Wi-Fi R265 R357 R375 R375
Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi Only R205 R297 R315 R315
Apple iPad 2 32GB 3G Wi-Fi R309 R401 R419 R419

[UPDATE] For more information on the prices for the new iPad for South Africa, see here.

What about the iPad 2?

iPad 2 models will still be available for a while. However, important to note is that production of the 32GB and 64GB iPad 2 models were stopped on the 7th March 2012, but the 16GB model is still in production. The nice thing about the changes to the new iPad, is that most of your iPad 2 accessories should still work on the new iPad, should you be upgrading from the iPad 2 to the new iPad.

Should I Get The New iPad?

Well, let me give you some specs…

The new iPad features:

  • A 9.7 inch(250 mm) multi-touch, retina display, with a  resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels with LED backlighting and a fingerprint and scratch-resistant coating.
  • Dual-core, Apple A5X chip
  • 1GB RAM
  • WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n standards), Bluetooth 4.0, 3G transitional LTE
  • Built-in lithium-ion polymer battery, which boasts 10 hours usage on WiFi, 9 hours on 3G or LTE; 10 hours video, 140 hours audio or 1 month standby… Seriously though, who is going to leave this iPad lying around for a month without using it??
  • Rear-facing 1080p HD still and video “iSight” camera in a 5 MP, 30 frames per second and 5× digital zoom camera
  • Front-facing VGA camera
  • iOS5.1

All of this housed in one of the sexiest ways to use 650g(WiFi model) or 660g (LTE model).

The new iPad will be available in the usual colour variations of black or white. 16GB, 32Gb and 64Gb models will be available with both WiFi only or WiFi+4G options respectively.

Still asking if you should get the new iPad? … Well simply, if you can afford it then go for it! That’s my opinion anyway. The major upgrade in the retina display is reason enough to get the new iPad. If you’re still using the 1st generation iPad, I think it’s definitely time for an upgrade, don’t you?

Getting the new iPad? Great, some advice from me…

If you are definitely getting the new iPad or are still considering it, my advice would be to hang in there… Just wait a bit before you get it. If money is no issue, then go ahead and get the new iPad as soon as it’s out. If you’re an “Average Joe”, like me, and the R11 000+ price tag is still a bit much at this stage, wait a month or 3 before you get the new iPad.

The great thing about waiting too, is that chances of getting a new iPad as soon as it’s launched aren’t that great. Waiting would give stores chance to get enough stock and you might be able to still walk into a store and walk out with your new iPad the same day,rather than walking into the same store, ordering one and waiting a week or whatever to get it. You know you get just as excited as I do to get a new gadget, and waiting for it always sucks!

Another reason why waiting a month or 3 is advised is that by the time you get the new iPad, more accessories specific to the new iPad will be available and support, should anything  go wrong, will be better available.

Sweeeeeeet… So South Africa is only about 6 weeks behind the US with regards to the new iPad launch… But better late than never, right?

Leave me some comments… Let me know if you will be getting the new iPad? Do you have the iPad 2 or 1st generation iPad and you’re upgrading from it to the new iPad? Will you be a first time iPad owner?

Till later…

Always remember, give a jackass an education and you’ll have a smartass!

Signing out.


    • mario
    • May 12th, 2012

    Halo my parents got me an ipad2 threw fnb do I receive an micro sim from fnb or not?

    • Hi Mario,

      Unfortunately you don’t get a micro sim with the iPad from FNB. In their terms and conditions it says that “the client will be responsible for the network costs etc”… Something to that effect.

      There are a few options you could consider for the micro sim.

      1. If you have a existing contract with Vodacom or MTN, you can request a “data sim”, which is linked to that current contract. This works great because it all comes through on the same bill every month and no new contests and lengthy forms need to be filled in.

      2. A few people I know of have taken out a contract with 8ta. simply because of the large amount of data on offer through them on their contract per month. 10GB if I’m not mistaken. If memory serves me correctly, I heard this past week that 8ta’s prices will be dropping too, which will be great.

      Keep in mind you cannot make normal voice calls off the iPad. The sim you need to get should be a data sim.

      Let me know if you need any further help!

      Enjoy the iPad!


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